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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, September 29,2011

October Fish Forecast

North Naples - Bonita - Ft. Myers Beach
As the water temperature falls to the low 80's then upper 70's the surface will come alive. Bait schools that were only a spot on the fish finder last month will be flying out of the water, driven by hungry pelagics as they work there way south for the winter. From the passes, a long the beaches and out to the reefs you will see Spanish mackerel rocket out of the water in feeding frenzies. Kings, cobia, cuda and sharks will be in hot pursuit. The grouper and snapper bite is on. You can expect keeper gag grouper and nice mangrove and lane snapper on the reefs. White bait, thread herring, shrimp, squid, cut mullet and sardines will work on the bottom. Beef up the tackle so you can get them out of the rocks. Whether you drift the bait schools or anchor on a reef and chum, you can expect the best surface action of the year. October is an excellent month to troll the near shore waters. A four rod spread is manageable and covers the entire water column . Try silver spoons or surface plugs on the outside set long. A keel sinker will control line twist if you are using spoons. Use deep divers like Rapala Magnums and Mann Stretch on the inside lines set short and deep. It's possible to pick up a gag grouper on the deep divers as well as huge kings, or a cobia. Troll around active bait schools or over the reefs for the best trolling action of the year.
The back water will continue to produce through the month and into November. Slot sized reds and catch and release snook will be abundant in the bays, passes, creeks and rivers from Vanderbilt Bay to Mantansas Pass. Mangrove snapper, sea trout, flounder and sheephead are becoming more active as the water cools. A light rod and small shrimp will bring home a great dinner.


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