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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July, 2010 Fish Forecast / Coastal Angler Magizine

North Naples - Bonita - Ft. Myers Beach
The Reefs
It's July. It's 94 degrees. You're a little irritable from the heat. You're feeling like kicking some serious tail and show how bad you really are. Well I have the match for you. There are a lot of 4 to 5 foot barracudas on the reefs feeling the same way. If you two can hook up, it will probably be your best fight since high school, you better come prepared. Load up on blue runners an small jacks on the way out. 20 lb. spinners rigged with a Bimini to 60 lb. fluorocarbon to 90 lb. single strand wire and a 4/0 circle hook. This set up will work for the flat lines and balloon rigs as well as sight casting to the big ones lurking around the boat. Chum it up and the cuda will come. There are bait schools all over the reefs. Cast silver spoons in them for more jacks and Spanish mackerel. The cuda will come. Keep the drag light, when you set the hook there is going to be an explosion.
The Backwaters
There is great catch and release snook and tarpon from Wiggins Bay to Estero Bay this month. Every day can be different, a variety of bait will insure success. Live threads or pins, big shrimp, cut lady fish, jigs and crank baits are a good choice. Over the years I have found most of my favorite spots simply by being on the water. Watch for bait, birds feeding, currents and eddies, deep holes and any surface activity. Keep moving, if you don't hook up in a half hour it's time to move.

Capt. Lindy Yow has fished the waters from North Naples to Ft. Myers Beach since 1993 gaining an extensive knowledge of the near shore reefs and back waters. Offering private charters tailored to fit your needs, family fun or more serious fishing adventures, I can make it work.

Wednasday, July 7, 2010

These pictures were taken between January and May, 2010