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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

August Fish Report

August was typical as the weather was concerned. Hot, and a lot of thunder storms. What was unusual was the lack of barracuda and sharks. They normally bring the bottom fishing to a halt, or at best, make it difficult to get anything to the surface in one piece. This August the snapper fishing on the reefs has been the best I have seen for 10 years. Every trip produced 12 to 17 inch Mangrove Snapper. Most trips got their limit of 5 per angler. Also, Goliath Grouper are abundant on the near shore reefs. Ranging in size, 6 inches to over 300 lbs. Imagine how many 12 inch snapper a 300 lb Goliath could eat. I had 5 catch and release Snook off the 3 mile reefs in the 40 to 48 inch range in August. The first big ones I have had in several years in the Gulf.
September Looks Good! Sept. 1 trip produced a 22, 23, 26 and 27 in Snook. That was the first day of Snook season. The new slot size for Snook is 28 to 33. That’s a tough one to hit. Also released 3 Goliath Grouper and kept 10 snapper.


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